One who has gown his own path...|| Я не буду уничтожать Землю только потому, что тогда я не смогу собирать гандамов, де аримас!||"разноцветный друг девочек" (с) lee
I don't know why, but I decided to write in english, so bare with me.

On friday, I've arrived to Kharkov with only one thought "I'm not getting any sleep in the next two days". Sundra met me, and when we got back to her home we started working with stuff for Bella and Sinitar. I know I suck a lot in stuff making, so mainly I was cutting out belt for Bella's Adam costume indents cuted by Sundra. And I still was able to screw things up. Knife Just didn't want to go the way it should. As a result, half of the work was done by me half by my darling...
Still I was able to sleep two hours. On the Saturday early morning we left for a bus to Dnipropetrovsk. 6 hours of a rough soviet style ride...and we still tried to finish some small details every time the bus was stopping. At 11 AM we arrived at our destination point and rushed to the place the festival was held at.
Another rough ride in the minivan over the bumps of the Dnepr city's streets. Once we arrived I became a hanger and my honey started to attach all stuff she made to others. Once we finished with "Overpowered" cosplay team we changed our target to Bellatrix Aiden. While we were setting her up, "Ovepowered" came back from their defile on the Hack. game series (On the next day we were informed that they've got 3 prizes with it, GJ guys!).
So we have missed the first act. On the second one I was able to see the stage as well as several plays and defiles. Bellatrix Aiden and Magnum44 were really awesome with their cosplay of "Ao no Exorcist" (They've also gained an award as best duet cosplay, so my sincere congratulations and *thumbs up*). For the third act we went to help Bella to get dressed in the costume of Adam from "Angel Sanctuary". There were lots of high level cosplayers in this defile and most of them had at list one pair of wings. The defile itself was a magnificent combination of hard efforts of cosplayer and "idontgiveadamn" of audio and light engineers. Thought girls didn't space out and gave 120% on that (IIRC prize as well). And here our problems nearly ended.

It was good that we were able to get to the hotel and a shower and nice rest, thought there was no hot water...after having a breakfast we went back to the festival and took a few shots of Bellatrix Aiden in Shelryl Nome's costume. Then we visited several master-classes and went for a walk in the city.

And in the evening I've went home. Thought my honey was forced to stay for the whole night at the train station...but everything ended fine.

As for others I'll just note here only those I've liked:
1. BRS - Megami Shiawase. Thought I'm not a fan of Vocaloids and BRS, but the quality of costume and stuff was very high. Worthy first place for solo cosplay.
2. Mortal Kombat - od damn, guys you weer awesome, and all girls in your team were really hot! Also the fighting you were preparing in the all was awesome as well, too bad I didn't have time to watch you.
3. Air Gear - Mikan was gorgeous, roller skates, costume and badges of sleeping forest!
4. Elf from WOW. That's one hell of a costume.
5. And I'm done...
Too bad I was hoping to see more high quality cosplay this time but didn't. Because there were none. Lot's of games cosplays with lot's of huge weapons seeing which my eyes starts to bleed. This is the case when quantity overhelms quality.

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